This maintenance plan, performed either 3 days a week or 7 days a week, includes the following:

  • Apply chemicals necessary to maintain clear and balanced water chemistry; test and adjust the water chemistry to
    balance chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
  • Add water to the pool when necessary
  • Verify water circulation systems are functioning properly
  • Maintain salt chlorination systems, if installed, for proper functioning
  • Clean tile, walls, steps and floors
  • Vacuum and catch leaves, empty traps or skimmer baskets, backwash when needed
  • Blow off decks
  • Advise the customer about problems or concerns to include leak detection; obtain approval for necessary repairs –
    discount given for monthly accounts!!
  • CPO Certified signatures mandated by DHEC in “Log Book”

WHYThe Pool Care Pros
LEARNAbout Leak Detection