Our owner, Darryl Jones, has always loved the water. So much so, that he proudly did a tour in the Navy as a machinist’s mate, polishing his knack for precision. Upon leaving the service Darryl became a residential contractor and learned the importance of quality control and building strong customer relationships. Then, more than a decade ago, he merged those skills together with his knowledge of the pools and pool systems and founded his business, the “Pool Patrol”. As the team members and talent expanded, Darryl decided The Poolcare Pros describes us more accurately.

  • Darryl Jones, Founder – 10+ years
  • Sean Ludwig – Lead Repair & Maintenance Technician
  • Daryl Charap – Pool Repair Technician
  • Jamie Smith – Pool Repair Technician
  • Carl Valdez – Pool Repair & Service Technician
  • Stephen Coulston – Pool Service Technician
  • Danny Ledford – Quality Control Supervisor
  • Erica Davis – Office Manager

Image saying We Treat Every Pool Like It’s Our Own, The Poolcare Pros is a local, family-owned company that prides itself on balancing all your pool care needs. Whether you need repair work or monthly maintenance service, we are the company for you! We specialize in leak detection, underwater repairs, pressure testing, and pipe repair. We also provide full-service pool care to handle all of your maintenance, service and renovation needs.

What you can expect of us:

  • Specialization – We are experts in leak detection, underwater repairs, and pipe repair.
  • Maintenance – We provided weekly and twice a month cleaning services for residential pools, as well as, service plans for commercial pools.
  • Remodel – We can improve the appearance and operation of your swimming pool.
  • Installs – We are proud to be the local dealer for Radiant vinyl liner pools and Imagine fiberglass pools.

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What you can expect of us:

  • Specialization. We improve the appearance and operation of swimming pools. We detect leaks and faulty piping and repair them. And we’re experts at those things.
  • Trusted Associates.  When we don’t do something such as full replaster jobs, The Poolcare Pros have many valued craftspeople to whom we can refer you for those needs.
  • Remodel. We remodel pools from inside out as well as installs for Imagine Fiberglass inground pools & Radiant
    Pools Vinyl liner above ground & inground.
WHYThe Pool Care Pros
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