We called Poolcare Pros when we discovered a leak in our pool system that was causing the pump to lose prime. A couple days later, Chris showed up and thoroughly inspected the entire pool and found a leak in the pipe around the skimmer. He showed me exactly what the problem was, and explained that it was going to be significant repair in the near future, but he was able to apply a temporary patch that would get us through the summer. He also made several other safety recommendations that we plan to address when the winter season arrives. All communications with Darryl, Erica, and Chris have been an absolute pleasure, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone needing assistance with a leak.

Chris Cox

I called these amazing people because my water kept dropping. Not only did they come out in two days but they found 11 little holes in my liner. Not had a problem since! They also allowed me to space my payments with no additional charge. AWESOME customer Service and extremely happy! Will never call anyone else again!

Clifford Ryba

I would highly recommend The Poolcare Pro!! They’re were very professional and great with educating their clients as well!!!Thanks again for your service!!!


We contacted Darryl based on a recommendation from Truluck Pools. Darryl was very professional and returned our phone call quickly. He came on time and did a great job. We needed our pool started up for the summer and also had a small leak that we needed to have repaired. Both Darryl and his assistant Sean were extremely helpful and willing to please us.

We will definitely use The Poolcare Pros again! Thanks for a great job, Darryl.

H. & P. Smith

Darryl Jones has been maintaining our pool for the past several years and we are extremely satisfied with his work. He is personable, prompt and you can contact him anytime with issues or concerns. He does a wonderful job and we highly recommend him.

Mike and Eva Coco

We have been utilizing Darryl the past several years for leak detection and pool cleanings. Darryl always goes above and beyond when it comes to the customer’s expectations! Our customers love Darryl . . . and we do too!

Susze, Paradise Pools & Spas

Darryl has been doing my pool for a year-and-a-half. His work is beyond excellent. No problems with him or his workers.

Mr. Wilson

Darryl is extremely professional. If we want something done right the first time we call him. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Jason and Emily Debney

Darryl of The Poolcare Pros did a great job finding and patching leaks in our pool last spring. He was prompt, professional and affordable. He’s very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the problems and their resolutions. Thanks to him, we were able to enjoy the first summer in our new home, making great memories with family and friends around our pool.

Joy Doolittle

Darryl is a loyal customer who is always willing to learn from others. We frequently recommend him to other customers for maintenance and leak detections and always get great feedback from them.

John A., Truluck Pool

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